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Connie Gergel

Connie has served the Christ Church Day School as the Administrative Assistant since 2009. Though her work is primarily behind-the-scenes and she is a self-proclaimed “background worker bee,” she helps keep everything running at the Day School through her administrative gifts. She handles all of the record keeping aspects of student data, tuition collecting, and answering parent questions, and she also jumps in to give a teacher a break in the classroom and supports the Director in whatever way is needed.

What drew Connie to the church was seeing the choir at Praise Gathering for years and experiencing the vibrancy of the choir in-person. Her husband thought Nashville would be a perfect retirement spot, so they moved here 19 years ago and quickly got involved in the church and choir community, where she continues to serve. She has had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the years, and her favorite destinations have been to Europe, Israel, and South America.

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