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Jenn Crider

After moving to Nashville in 2010, Pastor Jenn found a home at Christ Church, where she served in numerous capacities before joining staff in 2012. She was ordained in January of 2019 alongside her husband, Scott, who was ordained as our Youth Pastor that same day. In her role as a lead-worshiper, Jenn loves seeing people connect to the heart of God in the midst of our corporate worship through songs, prayers, sacrament, and the many mediums of worship we are able to experience together. 

Jenn has long had a passion for experiencing different cultures locally and globally, especially getting to witness and participate in what the Church looks like across these different cultures. So far, she has had the privilege of traveling to 24 countries and 6 continents and has some deep and also hilarious stories through those travels (like thinking a rhino was about to charge their group in Uganda–which it wasn’t–and suddenly finding herself climbing a tree for the first time in her life). Though she hopes to add to that list someday, her current adventure is being the mom of three little kids and navigating this very full and never-boring season with her amazing husband.

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