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Throughout Scripture and the history of the Church, we see music as a powerful expression of worship by the people of God. Here at Christ Church, we are grateful for our unique gift and legacy of music that has helped give voice to the prayers and praise of our local church and has even reached across the world through the Christ Church Choir.

About the choir

Since 1976, the Christ Church Choir has gained worldwide recognition through concerts, recordings, and special television appearances. Representative of the larger Christ Church body, our choir consists of a diverse group of believers who love coming together from all different walks of life to blend their voices in worship to our Creator.

God has blessed Christ Church with tremendous musical talent, and we want to be faithful and active with the talents God has entrusted to us. Most of our music arrangements have been recorded and published for other choirs around the world to sing. Being in Music City, naturally we love this recording process and being able to make our music more widely available.

In 2019, we recorded the single "Way Maker" and album "Your Spirit." Take a listen and then come worship with us on a Sunday morning!

Worship with us on sunday mornings!

Join us in-person

Worship with us in the sanctuary at 10:30am.

Join us online

Worship with our church family wherever you are.

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