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Luke Thomas

As the one who quite literally holds the keys to the building, Luke helps oversee everything that happens on our property as the Campus Operations Coordinator since joining the staff in 2010. Each day can hold different tasks as he assigns and assists his team with the cleaning and repairing of the entire church building, organizing the calendar for room usage, and even helping to maintain the gates to Memorial Gardens and the beautiful outdoor spaces on our property.

Luke says he “loves working with the Christ Church staff because it’s like a family. We all have our personality quirks and sometimes disagree, but everyone genuinely cares and loves one another.” One of the things many people don’t know he does on campus is to change the cloths on the crosses in the Sanctuary to coincide with the colors of the liturgical calendar (such as purple for Advent, white for Easter, red for Pentecost, etc.), which is actually a much more challenging task than it seems!

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