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Our Mission Partners

Christ Church supports several missionaries and non-profit organizations who serve and share the love of Christ both locally and globally.

The Abraham Project

Offering daycare, children's homes, and life-skills workshops in Costa Rica.

Begin Anew

Empowering Tennesseans to overcome poverty through training and discipleship.

The Bridge Ministry

Providing weekly meals and everyday necessities to those in need in Nashville.

Discovery Church

Meeting spiritual and practical needs in Galway with love and intentionality.

First Priority

Uniting the local body of Christ in Nashville to influence schools.

Hope Rise International

Serving the Bhutanese and Nepali refugee community in Nashville.

Instruments of Joy

Equipping aspiring musicians around the world with quality instruments.

Mercy Multiplied

Helping young women break free from negative behaviors and situations.

Narrow Gate

Developing identity, passion, and purpose among young men.

Rejoice School of Ballet

Empowering dancers from diverse backgrounds to realize their potential.

Seedtime & Harvest

Providing soccer ministry, rehab, student sponsorship, and church planting in Mexico.

Siloam Family Health

Sharing the love of Christ by serving those in need with health care.

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