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Who we are

Christ Church Nashville is a diverse, interdenominational community of believers seeking to follow Jesus together.

Our pastors

Ben 1

Ben Anderson
Lead Pastor

Anibal 2

Anibal Morales
Lead Pastor, Christ Church Latina

Andrew 2

Andrew Grissom
Connections & Community Pastor

Jackie 2 (1)

Jackie Stanfield
Prayer Pastor

Clarence 3

Clarence Hogan
Youth Pastor

Scott 2

Scott Hale
Outreach Pastor

Linda 1

Linda Clark
Communion Team & Pastoral Support

Ferman 2

Ferman Clark
Communion Team & Pastoral Support


Susan Cagna
Prayer Team & Pastoral Support

Patricia 1

Patricia Cross
Prayer Team & Pastoral Support


Shelby 1

Shelby Anderson
Director of Communications

Toni 2

Toni Bechard
Front Desk Coordinator


Dr. Chandra Bennett
Chair, Day School Advisory Council

Rachel 1

Rachel Carpenter
Communications Coordinator

Otto 1

Otto Gross
Director of Worship

Ronda 2

Ronda Hardwick
Director of Campus Operations

Trish 2

Trish Harris
Accounting Coordinator

Caleb 1

Caleb Hoskins
Director of Memorial Gardens/Facilities Assistant


Beth Kolwyck
Choir Coordinator


Amanda McCaslin
Director of the Executive Office

John 2

John McClure
Media Director

Alicia 2

Alicia Monrroy
Christ Church Latina Coordinator


David Peery
Database Coordinator

Matthew 1

Matthew Phillips
Director of Care & Recovery

Kristi 3

Kristi Polster
Director of Kids Ministry

Ann 2

Ann Smithson
Director of Finance

Tami 1

Tammy Stewart
Facilities Team

Luke 2

Luke Thomas
Campus Operations Coordinator


Our amazing Board of Directors are non-staff members of our Christ Church family that are nominated by the congregation to serve in this very important leadership role. Our Board provides oversight and leadership alongside Pastor Ben in the areas of Finance, HR, and Governance.

Board Group Photo

From L-R: Michael Yates, Pastor Ben Anderson, LaTanya Channel, Dr. Amosy M'Koma, Becky Scott, Darin Gordon, Gayle Thompson, Lathell Alexander, Debra Gittens, Tom Cagna, Tracey Chumley, John Lemonis, Gail Best, Dr. Jory Simmons, Don Hill, Brian Barnes, Aubrey Funn

Not pictured: Pastor Patricia Cross, Scott Wimpelberg

What we believe

We are committed to teaching and practicing what the followers of Christ have believed and practiced since the days of the apostles.

Connect with us

Life is better when we follow Jesus together. We'd love to get to know you and connect you with one of our pastors to learn how we can serve you!

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