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Susan Cagna

For the past 24 years, since becoming a member in 1998, Christ Church has been a home for Susan, her husband, and their children. Members of our congregation have come alongside her family in the best and worst times over the years. Her role on staff as a pastor includes serving on the Altar Care Team and teaching classes when needed. She loves that Christ Church is a place of mentorship, discipleship, and recovery for people in need.

Susan is passionate about the creative arts, specifically dance. Growing up, she watched her mother faithfully serve as a seamstress for a local ballet company and later become a board member. She still loves ballet as an adult and dabbles in painting and drawing in her free time.

Outside of her work at the church, Susan teaches a Christ-centered etiquette class for children and teenagers. She is happiest spending time with her family, whether watching a fun movie or going on a day trip adventure.

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