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Caleb Hoskins

Caleb joined our Facilities Team in 2012 and continues to be a faithful and hard-working presence on staff who helps keep everything working in our building. He truly is a “jack of all trades,” and his day-to-day tasks reflect that as he sets up and cleans event spaces, ensures all rooms and hallways are taken care of, does preventative maintenance on drains and the roof, maintains the church truck and forklift, and helps the staff with various needs for their ministries. While he is respected by all, the Day School kids might be his biggest fans because they are in awe of the riding vacuum cleaner Caleb runs and love any chance they get to see him on it!

Caleb enjoys being a part of a staff team that is always looking to do more for the community physically, emotionally, and most important, spiritually. He is one of the few native Nashvillians who were born and raised in this city, and he has a background in Mass Communications, with a specialty in Photoshop.

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